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Have Gun — Will Travel



Have Gun — Will Travel is an American Western television series that aired on CBS from 1957 through 1963.



Have Gun — Will Travel was created by Sam Rolfe and Herb Meadow and produced by Frank Pierson, Don Ingalls, Robert Sparks and Julian Claman. There were 225 episodes of the TV series, several of them were written by Gene Roddenberry, of which 101 were directed by Andrew McLaglen and were directed by series star Richard Boone.



Originally, each show opened with exactly the same fortyfive second visual. Over a slow four-note-repeat backbeat score, a tight shot of a white chess knight emblem centered in a black background is shown. The view widens to show that the knight is actually an emblem affixed onto the black pistol holster of a gunman.



Richard Boone played the part of Paladin. Paladin was a gentleman gunfighter who preferred to settle problems without violence; yet, when forced to fight, excelled. Paladin lived in the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco, where he dressed in formal attire, ate gourmet food, and attended the opera. When working, he dressed in black and carried a derringer under his belt. Paladin used calling cards with a chess knight emblem, and wore a western-style black gunbelt that had the same chess knight symbol attached to the holster.



Paladin was a former Army officer and a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Paladin was also a world traveler. His travels had included an 1857 visit to India, where he had won the respect of the natives as a hunter of man-eating tigers.



Paladin charged steep fees for his services — typically one thousand dollars a job. His primary weapon was a custom-made .45 caliber Colt Single Action Army revolver. The gun was perfectly balanced and of excellent craftsmanship. It had a one-ounce trigger pull and a rifled barrel.



Paladin's great advantage over adversaries was not his excellant equipment, or his ability as a marksman, even though he was considered an expert. Paladin's edge was his rich education. He would outsmart his opponent. Like a chess master, he sought control of the board through superior position, and usually killed only as a last resort.



When Paladin did kill a man -- his victims were always deserving -- and almost none of the violence in the show was gratuitous.



Were you a fan and remember watching the series in the 50's and 60's? You probably watched another icon from that era, Red Skelton. Re-live those great memories the next time you are in Pigeon Forge by attending Brian Hoffman's tribute to Richard "Red" Skelton.



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