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Abbott and Costello


Abbott and Costello were a very funny duo during the golden age of television. Probably most remembered for their who is on first routine.



William Alexander "Bud" Abbott born October 2, 1895 and passed away April 24, 1974. Bud Abbott was an American actor, producer and comedian. He is best remembered as the straight man of the comedy team of Abbott and Costello, with Lou Costello.



Louis Francis "Lou" Costello was born March 6, 1906 and passed away March 3, 1959. Lou Costello was an American actor and comedian best known as half of the comedy team of Abbott and Costello, with Bud Abbott. Costello was famous for his bumbling, chubby, clean-cut image that has appealed to many Americans over the decades, and for his shouted line of "HEEEEYYY ABBOTT!!"



Bud Abbott was born in Asbury Park, New Jersey into a show business family. His parents worked for the Barnum and Bailey Circus: his mother, Rae, was a bareback rider and his father, Harry, was an advance man.



Lou Costello was born in Paterson, New Jersey to an Italian father from Calabria, and a mother of French and Irish ancestry. He attended School in Paterson, NJ and was considered a gifted athlete. He excelled in basketball and reportedly was once the New Jersey state foul shot champion.



While working in vaudeville in the 1930s, Costello became acquainted with a talented straight man named Bud Abbott. After working together sporadically, Abbott and Costello formally teamed up in 1936. They performed together in burlesque shows, minstrel shows, vaudeville and movie houses.



The duo made 36 films between 1940 and 1956, and were among the most popular and highest-paid entertainers in the world during World War II. Among their most popular films are Buck Privates, Hold That Ghost, Who Done It?, Pardon My Sarong, The Time of Their Lives, Buck Privates Come Home, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, and Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man.



One of Abbott and Costello more famous routines that still gets a lot of attention today is the Who's on first routine.



Abbott and Costello split up in July 1957, after troubles with the Internal Revenue Service forced both men to sell off their large homes and the rights to some of their films. Costello then pursued a solo stand up career, including stints in Las Vegas, and sought out film projects for himself. He appeared several times on Steve Allen's television show, but most often in variations of his old routines, with Louis Nye or Tom Poston taking on the straight man role.



If you remember watching Abbott and Costello doing these routines and starring in the movies listed above, than you will remember Red Skelton and his cast of characters such as Clem Kadiddlehopper and Freddie the Freeloader.



Next time you are in Pigeon Forge, spend the afternoon re-living great memories as you watch Brian Hoffman's tribute to Red Skelton. Click on Show Schedule link to get your tickets for Remembering Red - A Tribute to Red Skelton


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